Asynchronous GNU Readline in XMPP CLI client

09 Jun 2010 19:23

Goal: to be able to use GNU Realine editing/history/auto-completion functionality and still print incoming data asynchronously.

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This post has been written using Asus 1201N

26 May 2010 23:02

As my old (2 years old) Aristo Slim 1250 SE CPU fan was driving me mad and I couldn't get it fixed, I've decided to buy new machine. And as my little brother recently bought Asus 1201N and was very fond of it I've bough one as well.

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26 May 2010 22:38

Some time ago I've finally received invitation to service!

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Recording a screencast in Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)

23 Feb 2010 22:53

As I'll have to record some video presentations in the upcoming future and lately I've been thinking about publishing some video screencasts - today I've spent some time on checking and setting up some tools to do this on my computer. I've decided to post my findings and final settings.

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Codezero (L4 microkernel) developer starting guide

21 Feb 2010 01:15

Concept of microkernel was one of those ideas that I've had fallen in love at the first sight. It's a beauty of KISS rule applied to kernel programming. I'm especially interested in the modern, so called second generation microkernel, called L4 . I've was researching a subject for a long time, but never actually got my hands dirty with it. It always seemed to hard to start developing such creature - set up development environment, understand how things work or write the code from scratch. Finally - I've reached a point where I'm able to work with L4 kernel. And I'd like to write down my experience so that others can at least research the subject and play with it for fun or more meaningful goals. If you'd like to start working with L4 yourself - go ahead and read this article.

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